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Fine art prints for weddings

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Why should I choose your products over places like Target or Costco? I'm all about my client experience, from the first second to the last second. We both (the client and myself) put a lot effort into our time together, so every family, bride or groom deserves to have the highest quality available. That's what I offer with my products, which I have meticulously chosen and prepared. When we have our first in person consultation, I'll bring samples of these products with me so you can see (and feel) the quality for yourself. Working with Tribe of the Beloved will be one of the best luxury investments you can make from start to finish.

What do you mean when you say, "luxury?" Okay, you probably were a little taken aback by that word. But here's the thing, luxury to one person is completely different for someone else. When I say that word, I mean that you are investing in art, which is, in fact, a luxury experience. It's not necessary, but it's wonderful and meaningful to have. I provide you with the best art your family will ever hang on its walls or display on its coffee table.

Linen-bound in
grey, olive green, or cream


Perfect for family sessions

Photo examples coming soon!

Customizable 3-dimensional tiled wall art with metallic prints
8x8, 12x12 or 18x18

tiled wall art

Perfect for families and weddings

Photo examples coming soon!

Metal prints that range from 5x5 to 11x7 in size, arranged in stunning collages for your wall

collage wall art

stunningly beautiful archival/museum quality prints with a vintage look

fine art prints for weddings

Perfect for families and weddings

Photo examples coming soon!

Beautiful Charcoal linen wrapped boxes that fit 10 or 20 matted prints.

keepsake boxes