I’ve been writing this in the back of my mind for a long, long time. Months for certain, but probably more like years. Even now, as I finally felt the confidence and urge to write, I’m opening up other tabs and researching “lighting for ballet portraits” instead of focusing on this article. And it’s a […]

I’m super excited to announce a totally unique experience and addition to my documentary family photography services called: Your Four Seasons! It’s pretty common to get your family photos taken once a year and, typically, families often choose to get posed portraits in a pretty park or on a bridge and call it good. We already […]

About 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to document a fellow photographer’s newborn baby girl, just hours after she was born, in a Fresh 48 (or Just-Born) photography session. It was so awesome! Tracy found me on my personal Instagram account and contacted me all the way back in the beginning of the year, so I was […]

Winter, especially in the Midwest (heck, especially in Michigan!), can be exceptionally dull. It’s difficult to find motivation, and many of us are even affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder thanks to the many streaks of sunless days. I know I am. As a photographer, it’s especially important for me to keep an eye out for […]

Did you know that February is CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) awareness month? I have had two nephews with CHD. My oldest nephew, now 16, had life-saving surgery at only 2 years old. My youngest nephew, now 8 months old, was born with a scary-large VSD that (miraculously) healed completely on its own when he was […]

A lot of you already know about this endeavor. I spoke about it in my announcement video, I have a special spot for it in my website, and I wrote about it in my Christmas letters to my clients (when I was still Meghan Endahl Photography) this past December. I can’t emphasize enough how important […]

It’s always nerve-wracking when it’s time to embark on something new. There are so many “what-ifs,” but if you don’t just pull the trigger, you’re keeping yourself from so many great possibilities. I’ve been working on the creation of Tribe of the Beloved for months (like, more than half a year). And now I’m at the […]