Finding Color

Winter, especially in the Midwest (heck, especially in Michigan!), can be exceptionally dull. It’s difficult to find motivation, and many of us are even affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder thanks to the many streaks of sunless days. I know I am.

As a photographer, it’s especially important for me to keep an eye out for light and color on these dreary days. Admittedly, though, I find myself picking up my camera less and less as we transition from January to February to March. That said, I have found an advantage to being stuck indoors – sun or no sun. I get to spend more quality time with my son. I get to introduce him to things like watercolor and finger painting (a year ago this was a resounding NO WAY from him, haha). I let him get paint all over himself – even all over the walls and curtains. And then, when the light hits him just right, I feel S.A.D. lift itself from my eyes like a heavy blanket being tossed aside and I grab my camera.

I’m fortunate that I can have these moments. Being a documentary family photographer has so many advantages, and I think this is the best one. I have been trained, by myself and by wonderful teachers, to see things that seem banal and ordinary, then turn them into extraordinary stories that I can hang on my walls for my son to see. Photographs turned into art, inspired by the way he moves his fingers just-so, the way he crouches down to pick things up, the way his sweet tummy is always poking out (even though the reason for that is a little sad), and the way the different colors of paint cover and crackle over his hands, his arms, his cheeks – all up on our walls, so that he knows I am paying attention. Always paying attention.

Because that’s what documentary family photographers do. Even in Michigan. Even in the gloomy solace of late Winter. We pay attention in our own homes and our clients’ homes. We search for color and light, even on the darkest and greyest days. With that, I give you a little color from inside our own Winter-trapped home.

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If you’re interested in experiencing a session like this, where all the unique details of your family story are turned into photographs for you to display in your home (not just for guests, but for your kids), please contact me! You can head over to my contact page or email me at


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